The photographs are representative of those involved and are not the actual people themselves. Names have been changed.

From dyslexia to Higher English!

I have decided to post this letter received from a former client who I first saw age 11 years. He presented with neuro-motor developmental delay associated with his difficulties with literacy. He completed a programme of intervention at The Movement and Learning Centre and this is his story from his perspective. Although some of the technical aspects of his programme are not accurately described he provides an exceptional insight into his difficulties and the developmental journey he went on.

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Father of Tom Aged 9 years

Father of Tom Aged 9

"Can I just say again thank you for everything you did to help us. Not only the exercises but also the comments and encouragement, Tom never failed to look forward to visiting The Movement and Learning Centre and you never let him leave without making him feel 10ft tall."

Family of Donald aged 17 years.

“It is hard to believe that it is now 4 years since Donald used to visit you after school. He has now left school and is at Edinburgh College studying for an NC in Travel and Tourism, which he really enjoys. This is an access course which will offer Donald and opportunity to further his studies at university should he choose to do so. Thank you for all the work that you put in assisting Donald with his developmental needs. If it wasn’t for you Donald would not be at college excelling in something that he enjoys so much.”

Father of Cara aged 17 years

"Cara has sat her Highers and is quietly confident. Now entering 6th year she is studying Advanced Higher History and English and has been appointed Head Girl and vice-captain of her House. From a wee girl lacking in confidence and thinking that she was stupid she has matured into a wonderful young lady. We are absolutely convinced that your work with Cara over the 18 month period of her programme with you has been invaluable in achieving her successes today. Thank you so very much."

Family of Michael aged 10 years

Family of Michael, Aged 10 years

"How do you say thank you for changing my son's future? Improvement is a word that is inadequate to praise Michael's progress! Our visits were fun, he looked forward to the sessions and has developed a curious interest in biology to study the brain in more detail! Our most sincere thanks to you."

Mother of Andrew aged 16

Mother of Andrew aged 16 years.

"Thank you for being the only ones who knew something was wrong. Thank you for the wonderful caring work you put in. Thank you for turning a young life around."